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OUTERGRACE at Electric Studios

Electric Vizion recently got to have OUTERGRACE come to the studio for a moody, c*nty visual. Grace is a DJ known throughout the PHL scene for her vibrant style and music that will have the whole dance floor showing off.

Grace brought the bad b!tch energy to this shoot. Her brand is known for empowering the girls, gays, and everyone in between. If you've been lucky enough to catch an OUTERGRACE set, the music is always #nasty in the best way.

One thing I love about Grace's style is that you will never catch her with the same look twice. Her vibrant outfits and equally bold makeup bring the OUTERGRACE aesthetic to life.

For the photoshoot, I used a variety of gel lighting techniques to create a moody yet colorful effect. Grace's neon green outfits pop were the perfect contrast for the purple background.

Kisses to all the bad bitches. Catch an OUTERGRACE set in Philly real soon. XOXO

Shot at Electric Studios, October 2022.


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