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Stone's Beer and Beverage

Brand Strategy and Content Creation for a local craft beer store


Stone's Beer and Beverage is a community staple that relocated to a new neighborhood in Philadelphia. They have a wide selection of craft beers, including exclusive brands. The goals of the campaign are to increase brand awareness for their brewing partners, and get more foot traffic to the new location.

Content Creation

The main focus of the content strategy is to market to an audience of beer connoisseur's who are willing to try something new. Stone's has a very loyal customer base, and the goal is to encourage them to add their exclusive brands to the rotation.

Visual content is focused on clean product shots, including beer pours, as well as lifestyle content that showcases common drinking spots including bars and restaurants, parks, and block parties. 

Videos are clean, highlighting the product and it's environment to entice the audience to crack open a cold beer from Stone's.

As this is an ongoing project, stay tuned for more visuals.

Strategy, Photo and Video content by Electric Vizion in 2023. 

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