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A billboard and print campaign highlighting Vizzy as a more natural market alternative. 

vizzy_bb1 5.png

Photographed by Goodaesthetic, the vision this was to show the physical product at one with the earth. The can is made to look like it's growing out of the ground, as a metaphorical representation of the antioxidants and Vitamin C. Sunlight and flowers bring the visuals to life.  


The copy was inspired by 90s Hip-Hop songs that are bound to get stuck in your head. This tactic was aligned with the brand tone, and a way to be more approachable to their target audience of 25-32 year olds. The rhymes and punny lines feel bubbly, just like the seltzer.


An OOH campaign was designed to decorate the Vizzy beer fridge with nature-inspired decals, helping it to stand out among the many options at distributors. The goal was to make the consumer think twice about purchasing their usual drink, and choose Vizzy's natural ingredients. 


Concept, photography, and digital illustrations by Goodaesthetic in 2021. 

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