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Philadelphia Ballhawks

Logo re-design and Social Media campaign for a youth basketball league


Working with the Philadelphia Ballhawks, a local non-profit basketball league that provides a healthy outlet for local youth, was a truly enriching experience. The main objectives were to re-design the logo and overall aesthetic, and create digital content that will help raise awareness, keep people informed, and increase donations. 


As the Art Director for the Diamond Edge Communication team, we were able to entirely rebrand the Ballhawks aesthetic. Creating a website, social media content plan, and merchandise were some of the deliverables requested by the owner of the league. 

Logo Re-Design

The first step to re-branding the Philadelphia Ballhawks was to create a new logo that reflected the longevity of the league in a more modern way. Taking inspiration from the old logo, which had been in place for 20 years, we designed an updated hawk, using a bold red color in contrast with black. The fierce side profile clawing the basketball reflects the tenacity and hustle of the Philadelphia Ballhawks.

We also designed a 20th Anniversary edition to be used on all promotional deliverables

and celebrate the lasting impact of the Philadelphia Ballhawks.

Social Media Campaign

Optimized for Instagram and Facebook, the social media content is meant to be informative and inspirational.

Parents of team members can stay informed with the Ballhawks schedule and practice locations.

Art Direction by Goodaesthetic in 2021.

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