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Gucci Flora

A social media campaign highlighting the fresh floral scent of the luxury fragrance


The creative direction behind the shoot highlighted the earthy, floral scent of the fragrance by taking inspiration from the illustrated flowers on the bottle and bringing them into the set design. Using water on the mirrors resembled the liquid fragrance, and added depth to the product photos. 

Social Campaign

With the integration of Instagram shopping, it's easier than ever for Gucci's target audience to purchase the fragrance straight from the ad, rather than a third party retailer like Sephora. 


The social campaign launched with a teaser video, edited in a VHS style to give the audience a preview of the upcoming Flora fragrance launch. The teaser video did not feature any text, as an intentional decision to let the luscious flowers speak for themselves.

The campaign rollout included Story and Feed-formatted posts with the vivid flower aesthetic. The goal was to entice users to experience the floral aroma for themselves.

Concept, photography, and digital illustrations by Electric Vizion in 2022. 

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