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Wabisabi Treats

Logo Design for a Philly-based business with delicious desserts 


Courtney, CEO and Chef behind Wabisabi Treats, was looking to rebrand her company aesthetic. She's known for delicious puddings, but offers a constantly changing menu including peach cobbler egg rolls and tres leches.


The new logo takes inspiration from Courtney herself, with the hand holding a whisk and a sunflower. It represents her entrepreneur spirit while still remaining grounded. The sunflower is simple, yet becomes the focal point of the design with the bright yellow hue.


The name ‘Wabisabi’, as well as many of their featured dishes, take inspiration from Courtney’s Asian heritage. When choosing a font, it was important that the culture behind Wabisabi was reflected. I loved how this font also had a handwritten feel, making it feel personal.


Created by Goodaesthetic in 2022.

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