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Artist Spotlight on Basement Bangers

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Electric Vizion is thrilled to have Basement Bangers as our April Artist Spotlight! BB is a music label and collective that are passionate about collaboration, innovative music, and changing up the industry to put artists first.

In order: Gobo, Tyler, Liam, Tyler

If you've listened to a Basement Bangers track, chances are you played their catchy melodies and expertly mixed beats on repeat a few times. BB offers production services including recording time, mixing & mastering, engineering all done from their studio based out of a New Jersey basement.

Tyler (IG: @ty_dy3)

Gobo (IG: @gob.o)

What makes Basement Bangers unique as a label is their philosophy that all music and promotional services are 100% FREE! In today's day and age, that seems impossible to find, but BB is determined to leave their mark on the industry in a way that puts artists first and give them the tools to succeed.

Tyler: (IG: @tylerpryce)


Liam (IG: @liam_rosay)

ent Bangers also helps their artists with the promotional aspect of releasing songs. Eye-catching music videos, shot by Liam Rosay, bring the songs to life by telling a story.

These BTS photos from the "Waiting and Waisting" music video capture the magic of being on set with BB. Shot in an all-pink Air BnB in Philadelphia, the video captures a storyline of different couples and the unpredictable dynamic relationships can have. [There were over 15 artists, models, and media crew on set - just a fraction of the impact BB is having across the creative community.]

Basement Bangers is not slowing down anytime soon! They've got their first full music project on the way, which has been building anticipation with singles like "Stolen" and "Stuck Up". BB's Spring merch line is a pastel dream, featuring t-shirts, bucket hats, and shorts with their unique logo.

Be sure to tap in with Basement Bangers on Instagram, and tune in to their music - out on all platforms. They are always looking for new artists to join the team as well!

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Basement Bangers dropping April 25th.


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