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Visuals from a lifestyle photoshoot at a colorful basketball court with Jon (@gxldminded).

We used a variety of action shots and wide angle perspective to bring the vision to life. Some of my favorite shots were simulating moves that would happen during a basketball game. I created this collage to show the progression of Jon's movements.

We had a great time bringing this vision to life. As a photographer, I tend to be more casual with my models, rather than meticulously staging out every shot. We could have never planned to have ball bouncing to reveal the words "all star". Nothing beats a candid moment.

"My favorite part of the shoot was the spontaneity... the sheer creative liberty that you (Sadie) gave me and that we both operated in made it really fun. The power of collaboration made our pics turn out dope." - Jon

Jon had this idea to put the ball between his feet and get a photo from above... it turned out to be one of the most unique shots!

Thank you to Jon for his creativity. He's a fantastic rapper and musician in the Philly scene, so be sure to tap in with GXLDmine.

Shot by Goodaesthetic in Philadelphia, Sept 2022.


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