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Outside with Hash & Rosay

Continuing our artist spotlight on Hashland with photos from a beautiful fall day. What I love most about this community is watching other artists I respect become close friends.

Liam Rosay, featured on The World is Yours, is the media behind Homegrown Network. A classic photo of Hash and Rosay plotting the next music video...

Their outfits weren't even planned, but the color coordination is on point for fall.

One of one! Shoutout Stocked Up, I don't think I've ever seen Hash *not* wearing one of their pieces.

Rosay always looking fly as well, peep the 13.

I love how candid this photo is.

Hash taking care of business before the next Silk City show.

Catch Homegrown Network and friends this Friday 11/18 for your favorite R&B inspired night - Hash & B. Tickets are now available on the HGN website.


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